A Country in Chaos

31 Aug

This has been a tumultuous month for our country to say the least.  Towards the middle of the month we had a clash between Neo Nazi’s and the Antifa.  It ended with a Neo Nazi running members of the Antifa over, injuring many and killing one.  In the last week a Hurricane has devastated Southeastern Texas.  We as a country survive these problems but we are missing something important; a leader who is there to comfort a stricken nation.

Racists and Neo Nazis are nothing new in our country but they have new energy under our current president.  President Trump has had several chances to condemn these hate groups, and he has whiffed almost every time.  The President seems to think it is more important to keep his base intact than to represent all Americans.  Recent presidents before him would not have made the same tone-deaf statements that our President did.

Despite what some Trump supporters think we are moving past the era of the KKK and Neo Nazis.  That’s one of the reasons Confederate Statues are coming down.  The country is moving towards a more diverse one.  Anyone who is against that can move on or move out.  Fareed Zakaria summed this up several years ago when he said, “You can’t love America in theory, but hate it in fact.”

There will always be some resistance on our country being multicultural.  The best thing we can do is fight racists every step of the way.  We saw that in Charlottesville were peaceful protesters were run over by a Neo Nazi.  What happened in Charlottesville was tragic.  The Presidents responses to the terror attacks in Charlottesville did nothing to comfort what happened there.  The violence that happened at the rally are only at the feet of those who bring hate into our country.

The Republicans that are left defending Trump are either doing so in the hope that he will help them pass their agenda, or were with Trump before he became president.  If you are selling your soul to get your agenda passed you don’t belong in our government.  Most of the honorable Republicans have either completely distanced themselves from Trump, or they are no longer Republicans.

Before I end this blog post I want to say something about the ongoing effects of Hurricane Harvey.  Donate to help victims of the storm or donate your time if to help those in need.  We have many disagreements as a country, but we need to be united in our support of rebuilding areas affected by the storm.  I am also urging members of congress to support a relief bill.


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