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Buzz Words

31 Oct

Politics has known to be filled with distractions.  This has been especially true in recent years.  One of the things the Republican Party have excelled at are using buzz words to distract people.  The most common buzz words they have used are cutting spending, job creators, among others.  The damage that is caused by using these buzz words are that few people are calling them out on their BS.

Cutting Spending or Wasteful Spending

The first one I will analyze is cutting spending.  While I think that it is important to cut wasteful spending, there are many essential things that are labeled, “wasteful spending.”  Rick Scott, the governor of Florida was praised by conservatives for issuing an executive order cutting funding from people with disabilities.  Obviously that is not an example of wasteful spending.  IL governor Bruce Rauner has blamed his state’s budget stalemate on the legislature refusing to cut wasteful spending.  I don’t think cutting spending is a feasible option unless it is done in a reasonable way.

Job Creators

I haven’t heard it used recently but I think that job creators is a phrase that has been used in a misleading way.  Most attempts to raise taxes on the wealthy or add regulations have been met with people saying, “Don’t attack the Job-Creators!”  People who own companies do create jobs, but it is dishonest to suggest that raising their taxes will hurt the economy.  In the 1950’s we had a strong economy with taxes well higher than they are today.  In the 1990’s taxes were raised and we had a booming economy.


Benghazi has become a buzz word.  It should represent the attack on our embassy in 2012, but instead it has been turned into a political football.  I am willing to bet that many Republicans that are outraged over the Benghazi attack couldn’t even say what country it is located in.  House majority leader Kevin McCarthy admitted last month that the committee to investigate the Benghazi attack is being used to attack Hilary Clinton.  If the Republicans really cared about the families of those who lost loved ones in the Benghazi attack they wouldn’t continue to use the attack to satisfy their political needs.

Class Warfare

Buzz words are used to shut down conversations and are often free of facts.  Many attempts to raise taxes on the wealthy have been met with shouts of, “class warfare.”  It is not class warfare to suggest that the wealthy pay higher taxes than working-class people.  If we want to get the deficit under control, we should raise taxes.  What I want to see in the next election are honest debates instead of throwing out meaningless words to end reasonable debate.