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Eyes on Ferguson

31 Aug

Much of the nation’s attention has been on Ferguson, Missouri in recent weeks.  It is a grim reminder of our country’s history on race and police misconduct. (To put it mildly)  I know not all police officers are like the ones in Ferguson, but the bad ones really stand out.  The police in Ferguson, Missouri have acted negligently by not investigating the matter thoroughly enough at best and as corrupt thugs because they were trying to sweep the case under the rug at worst.  For things to calm down in the St. Louis area they need a shakeup of the police department and an outside investigation to determine and fix what went wrong in Ferguson. 

In cases like these, the murder victim’s character is usually attacked.  There are things that are in question, but many things are not.  We know that Michael Brown was unarmed when he was shot and that he was a suspect of a robbery.  A robbery does not justify Michael Brown’s murder, especially if he was unarmed at the time he was shot.  Unfortunately the Ferguson police have shown more interest in covering their tracks rather than trying to unravel what happened in this debacle.

I think that considering what has happened so far with this case, the Ferguson police department needs a shake up and needs to be taken off of the investigation of Michael Brown’s murder.  Any investigation done by the Ferguson police department will be seen as fraudulent and tainted.  The federal investigation that is underway will likely be the most credible one that is going on so far.  An investigation should also be done on the Ferguson police department because of their history of corruption.

In the wake of the recent national discussion on excessive force, a proposal has been put forward by some.  In some municipalities, police are required to wear body cameras during arrests and police stops.  In Rialto, California, where the body cameras are required, complaints against officers have dropped by 88% and a there has been a 60% drop in the use of force – this according to abc news.  I understand there are concerns about cameras infringing on civil liberties, but I think police body cameras should be strongly considered.  Police body cameras are limited in how they could be used and have already shown promising results. 

Unrest in Ferguson, Missouri will not clear overnight.  There is still much that has to be done to restore the peace.  It is possible that police body cameras will solve some of the problems, but that shouldn’t be the final fix to the problem.  There are police forces that have much corruption that needs to be rooted out.  Until there is more oversight on police corruption, these incidents will continue to happen.



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