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Election update April

30 Apr

I will keep things short and sweet this month.  Next month there will be primaries that will give us a bigger picture of the matchups in November.  North Carolina will be one of the most interesting ones to watch.  Incumbent Senator Kay Hagan is vulnerable, but has a good chance of getting re-elected if she faces a weak opponent.  Polling has suggested that tea partier Greg Bannon and Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives Thom Thillis are Kay Hagan’s weakest opponents.  It looks like Ted Alexander (The mayor of Shelby, North Carolina) would be her toughest challenger.

In the Georgia U.S. Senate Race, Democratic front-runner Michelle Nunn is tied or leading in the polling against many of her opponents.  Among her potential opponents, David Purdue seems to be her toughest challenger.  (Although the polling between the Nunn and Purdue is only slightly in Purdue’s favor.)  In the governor’s race, Democratic front-runner Jason Carter is polling close but slightly behind incumbent Governor Nathan Deal.  

Most of the polling that I have looked at suggests that Mitch McConnell will survive his primary challenge from Matt Bevin, and face a close race against Democratic front-runner Allison Lundergan Grimes.  In the Arkansas senate race, incumbent senator Mark Pryor is running a tight race against Republican congressman Tom Cotton.  The Arkansas governor’s race also looks like it will be close if former congressman Mike Ross wins the Democratic nomination for governor.  I will keep the updates coming.  Stay tuned.  


The following primaries will be next month.


May 6th: Indiana, North Carolina, and Ohio

May 13th: Nebraska and West Virginia

May 16th: Washington

May 20th: Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, North Dakota, Oregon and Pennsylvania