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2014 Blog Intro

29 Jan

Since this is an election year, I will spend part of my blog talking about upcoming races.  The year has begun, but the picture is far from complete on the final matchups in the fall.  From governors’ races to senators’ races, there will be much to preview throughout the year.  I will periodically update some of the races (especially the close ones) during the year.  The only thing I can say for sure is that there are bound to be some interesting moments during the campaigns.

The Democrats will be playing defense for the most part in the Senate races.  Neither party control is guaranteed by any means.  I believe that the Democrats will pick up some of the governorship’s in states they lost in 2010.  Keep in mind that things constantly change in politics as will the polling up until Election Day.  I will include polling in updates throughout the year.  If there is anything I have learned from elections, it is be ready for anything.  As I mentioned in my intro last year politics is often about the unconventional.

The Tea Party could make things interesting as they have the past several election cycles.  In 2010, and 2012, Tea Party candidates blew winnable Senate races for the Republicans.  In 2012 Tea Party candidates cost the Republicans seats in Missouri and Indiana.  Georgia could be another one of those states this year if Republicans nominate another Todd Akin.  President Obama will also be a major factor in the Senate elections this year.  Red State Democrats will be distancing themselves from the president, especially as the election draws closer.

The most important thing people need to realize is that there are so many factors that will make or break the election.  I am sure that in the coming months many things will happen that will shake up the election.  The only constant in politics is change.  Predictions are called predictions for a reason.  We won’t know with 100% accuracy what will happen until it does happen.  The best advice I can give is be ready for anything