Liars, Cheaters and Other Scandals

16 Aug

Last week on Monday, I went to a White Sox/Yankees game with a friend.  I also went to the game because I thought that the White Sox were honoring Mariano Rivera that day.  What ended up happening was a game that was still memorable but for very different reasons.  The Biogenesis scandal had been building up for some time and culminated in the suspension of 14 professional baseball players for use of Performance Enhancing Drugs (or PED’s).  The game I went to happened to be the night that the New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez would make his 2013 debut.

I have been to many games, but have never seen and might not see again what I saw before and during that game.  The national media was on the field and outside of the ballpark.  What I witnessed wasn’t just booing or signs making fun of Alex Rodriguez, but a long-building animosity to players who cheat to get ahead.  To be honest, I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for A-Rod or the Yankee’s organization.  A-Rod put all of the negative attention on himself and while the Yankee’s organization is mad that they are stuck with him, they are the ones who signed him to a huge contract.

I know I mostly write about politics, but scandals aren’t confined to politicians.  It’s true that politicians do stupid things that ruin their careers, but steroids and other PED’s are a different kind of scandal.  The main things PED scandals in baseball and political scandals have in common are stupidity and arrogance.  In both cases people are doing stupid things that will get them caught, but for some reason those involved don’t seem to think that they will get caught.  This brings me to the question that pops up in my mind every time a scandal happens, “Why do they think that they won’t get caught?”

Unfortunately I don’t think I will ever completely know the answer to that.  The only thing I know for sure is that some people can’t help themselves, but cheat or do something that will essentially end their career.  For most people involved with scandals, their lives and even their careers will continue.  What does change is the way that they are perceived or looked at.  In politics, Anthony Weiner is trying to revive his political career while Mark Sanford has already done just that.  Neither of the two will be looked at the same way they were before their scandal again.

In baseball, players have been damaged by PED use but their careers will never be the same.  The mere suggestion of players using PEDs can ruin their chance of getting into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Proven use of PEDs virtually guarantees that they won’t get in.  Regardless of what happens with their chance of getting into the Hall of Fame, their name will be forever tarnished, and they will play the rest of their career with a dark cloud over their head for what they have done.


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