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Thoughts on the Boston Bombings and other recent Tragedies

17 May

What do you say when a tragedy happens like those in Boston or in Texas recently?  (They are obviously different types of tragedy, but both are tragedies nonetheless).  How do you rationalize a child being killed in a senseless attack or a person losing both of their legs in an injury you would think would happen on a battlefield?  The problem with these recent tragedies as with all tragedies is that you can’t rationalize it.  Even if it is a terrorist attack and you know the motives behind the attack, even if you know every single detail there is to know; you can’t rationalize it. 

It doesn’t matter what side of the globe an attack happens, it always brings up the same questions with few answers.  It is in our nature to question why something happened or how something can happen.  While every tragedy is hard to comprehend, it is even harder to understand when it is a terrorist attack.  I know several people who live in the Boston area and was concerned about them when I heard about the attack.  I wasn’t just concerned about their safety but how it affected them.

One of the darkest parts of any terrorist attack is that it affects the entire community and the entire country, even if it doesn’t injure the person.  One of the positives (if any) that come out of tragedies is that it brings people together.  It happened after 9/11 and it happened with Boston as well as the explosion in Texas.  That is one of the many great things about people; they come together at a time of tragedy. 

For Americans, these tragedies seem more shocking because we don’t have as many terrorist attacks as other countries.  These attacks shock us, but they don’t shake our resolve.  They don’t cause us to crumble as a society.  We get up, dust ourselves off and recover.  It causes us to unify as a country.  I wish we would unify all of the time instead of just after a tragedy.  We haven’t in recent years because of the politics of this country.  I remain hopeful that we will become more united in the future.  It isn’t just a fluke when it happens after a tragedy; it exists within us but only surfaces after a tragedy.  One day, hopefully soon, we will become more united all of the time.