Gun Control Update

10 Apr

There have been several developments recently on the current gun control debate.  Some states are taking steps to curb gun violence.  Despite recent developments in the Senate, I am still skeptical that anything will happen in the House of Representatives.  There is a glimmer of hope though.  Numerous reports are out today about a possible deal on background checks.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) have announced that they will support expanded background checks.  Joe Manchin has had NRA support in the past and received an A rating from the NRA. He even had a campaign ad where he shot the Cap and Trade bill.  Manchin, as with several other people, have changed their tone on the issue of gun control.  While I wish magazine clips and an assault weapons ban were included in this deal, I am happy to see some progress.  I commend Senator Manchin for working hard on a bill to help prevent another mass shooting, especially considering his past position on gun control.  He is still very much a pro-gun democrat, but he is doing what he thinks is necessary to help save lives.  There are people on Facebook that have called Manchin a Nazi for supporting background checks.  There’s nothing anti-2nd amendment or pro-Nazi about background checks.   While I think background checks are a huge first step, there is still a lot more that needs to be done before I am convinced that any gun control bill will pass both houses of congress.

The only opposition that is left to any new gun laws is the fringe part of the Republican Party and some Democrats in red states seeking re-election.  One of the arguments I have heard is that Democrats want to take guns away from everyone.  This is nonsense and paranoia.  It is also pure paranoia to say that we need guns because one day the government will come to arrest us where we live.  Nothing like that has happened before in this country and there is no reason to think it will happen now.  Every example where I have heard of something similar happening to that has been in another country.  If we do nothing (background checks, etc.) there will be more mass shootings.  That isn’t paranoia, that’s a fact.  It will keep happening until we do something about it.

We may not be able to stop all gun violence with what’s being proposed in Congress, but it will help stop mass shootings and make it harder for criminals to get weapons.  Either we do something now or it will take a tragedy even worse than the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut for us to do anything on a national level.  Are we going to do anything about gun violence, or are we just going to let it be a new normal?  If not the Sandy Hook shooting, what will it take for us to stop this epidemic?  How many more shootings are we going to let happen before we do something?  There is no reason to suggest that a simple background check will lead to the elimination of the 2nd amendment.  I personally support an assault weapons ban, but I would be more than happy with having universal background checks.  Although there has been much chaos in the last decade, I would hope that we as a country can do something when it comes to addressing the issue of gun violence.


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