Inauguration 2013

7 Feb

I decided that for my first official entry in my blog I will write about the inauguration.  I went to the 2013 inauguration for many reasons.  As a result that I got to see a president give his re-election speech, as well as hear him take the Oath of Office at the inauguration the next year.  That alone was enough reason to motivate me to go to the inauguration.  There is a chance that it will be the only time I am able to witness both in person.

Even though I this was my first inauguration, I have always been fascinated by the process.  The president being sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and the Vice President being sworn in by an Associate Justice is something we only get to witness every four years.  The fact that we have a peaceful transfer of power (or continuation of power) is what makes our country unique from countries that don’t have stability.  While we may not always agree with how our country is being run, I think we can admire the process that is the inauguration.

This year wasn’t my first visit to our nation’s capitol, but this time was unique in that I saw more of Washington D.C. then I ever have seen before.  The day before Inauguration Day, I saw a live taping of CNN and the rehearsals of the inauguration.   Inauguration Day was something that I will never forget.  For me, it was well worth it to stand in the cold for several hours to witness history.  The next day I toured several of the senate office buildings and the capitol.  I saw many senators and got to shake hands with Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sheldon Whitehouse.  The main difference that I noticed from Inauguration Day and the next day was that most if not all of the unity between parties was gone the next day.  Senators from each side were back walking with other senators from their own party.  It disappointed but definitely didn’t surprise me.  Unity isn’t something we should feel several days a year; it should happen a good part of the year.  I hope that in the future we will become as united (if only a little closer) as we are on Inauguration Day.



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